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Training: Administrator Essentials

Welcome to the River! Here, take the keys to maintain your data and policies as you grow with Chrome River. Click any section below to get started now!

Manage Your Master Data

    • Allocations allow users to categorize or charge their expenses to a certain area, such as a department, client, team, or project.

    • People: Make changes to an employee's profile in Chrome River.

    • Roles are a way of categorizing employees' permissions.

  • Credit Cards: Update and manage corporate credit cards connected to Chrome River.
  • GL Accounts: Add or edit existing Invoice GL Accounts.
  • Invoice Vendors: Manually add a new vendor in Chrome River.

Set Your Notifications

Start Your Export

    • Manual Expense Exports: Select approved line-items to export from Chrome River into another system for payment processing.

  • Manual Invoice Exports: Select approved invoices to export from Chrome River into another system for payment processing.

  • Automated Exports: If your organization exports expenses regularly, you can schedule the system to automatically queue all the expense line items that are ready for export.

Review Missed Transactions

  • Delete and Reassign Transactions: Delete unused credit card transactions for a single user and to move transactions from one user to another.

  • Failed Transactions: Delete failed transactions and manage credit card feeds that fail due to incorrect Employee IDs.

  • Filtered Transactions: Access transactions that have been filtered out of the database in the event that you need to recover them.

Review Rates & Locations

  • Customer Addresses: Add and edit "Ship To," "Bill To" and other addresses that may appear on invoices and purchase orders.

  • Rates: Add and edit rates and their corresponding time frames.

  • Per Diem Rates: Manage your organization's per diem rates for specific locations.

  • Tax Locations:View and manage sets of locations where company policy allows for tax claims.

Review Your Configuration

    • Customer Preferences: Edit customer-specific properties related to such categories as allocations, approval routing, EXPENSE and INVOICE.

Update the User Interface

    • UDAs: Learn how to create and update custom fields, i.e., User-Defined Attributes.

    • Forms: Customize the data-entry forms that collect information from users.

    • Mosaics & Tiles: Customize the appearance of Expense Type mosaics and the tiles that appear in them.

    • Rule Manager: See and manage all of your organization's business rules.

    • Message of the Day: Edit the information on the welcome message users see when they log in to Chrome River.

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