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Corporate Credit Cards Admin Screen

The Corporate Credit Cards screen allows administrators to manually add credit card numbers and map credit cards to users in the event that this data is missing from the bank’s data feed.

  • Note: Chrome River only supports the following credit card data feed formats:
    • Visa: VCF4, TVCFF
    • Mastercard: CDF3
    • American Express: GL1025


Filter Search Results

Use the filters to narrow your search results.

  • Cardholder Name
  • Last 4 Digits of Card Number
  • Account Type: Select the desired data feed.
  • Status: “Pending” returns cards with no users mapped to them.

Edit Credit Card

1. Select the desired credit card and click EDIT.

2. Use the drop-down to select the desired cardholder name. You may also edit the Account Type and the Card Number.

3. When you are done, click SAVE.

Add New Credit Card

If a credit card is missing from the feed, you may add it manually and assign it to the desired user.

1. Either click NEW CARD from the filter screen...

...Or click ADD on the search results screen.


2. Select the desired user from the Cardholder Name drop-down and the desired Account Type from the drop-down. Then add the credit card number and click SAVE.

Delete Credit Card

1. Select the desired credit card and click DELETE.

2. You will be asked to confirm by typing the word "DELETE" before you may click the DELETE button.

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