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Invoice Vendor Admin Screen

The Invoice Vendor Admin screen allows users with administrative privileges to view, edit and add vendors and their addresses.


View Vendors

Start typing the vendor name or number (if known) in the search box at the top of the screen.

  • To show all vendors, type four spaces.
  • For vendors who have multiple addresses, all address locations will be displayed in the Vendor Addresses pane.

Add Vendor

Chrome River recommends having your AP reviewer or finance department add the new vendor information to your accounting system and then waiting for the accounting system to update Chrome River with the new vendor information. This way, both your accounting system and Chrome River will be up to date.

1. To manually add a new vendor record that does not exist in Chrome River INVOICE, first be sure the vendor has been added to your company’s accounting system.

Note: Chrome River INVOICE contains just a copy of the vendor record; the master vendor record is always owned and managed by your company’s accounting system.

2. Click the blue plus button.

3. Enter the vendor’s name and the correct vendor ID (which must be the number previously assigned to the vendor by your company’s accounting system).

4. Then select the status—usually “Active” if you want this vendor to appear in search results—and click SAVE at the top of the screen. A confirmation message will appear at the top of the screen when the vendor record has been added to Chrome River INVOICE successfully.

Add Vendor Address

1. In the Addresses pane, click ADD NEW ADDRESS.

2. Only the following information is mandatory—everything else will be filled in automatically by the next feed update if you choose to leave it blank.

  • Address ID: The Address ID in your company‘s accounting system
  • Payee Name: Could be a person, division or department
  • Address Status: Active or inactive
  • Currency

You may also choose to enter standard payment terms, as well as any available discount amount and the payment period that qualifies for the discount.

3. Click SAVE.

Information on creating temporary new vendors can be found in Create a Temporary Vendor.

Edit Vendor

Search for and select the vendor you would like to update, then click EDIT.

You may edit any of the fields. Once your edits have been made, click SAVE.

Edit a Vendor Address

1. Find the vendor address you wish to change in the Addresses pane and click the pencil icon to edit.


2. The vendor address pop-up window will appear to allow you to make edits. When you are finished, click SAVE.

Link Punchout to Vendor

If your organization has requested to activate our Catalog Punchout feature, an administrator will need to link a punchout account to the vendor before users may begin accessing the feature. Linking is done via Vendor Address.

1. Select the desired vendor and either click ADD NEW ADDRESS or click the three dots next to the appropriate existing address and then click EDIT.

2. On the Punchout tab, use the Vendor ID drop-down to select the vendor. If the desired vendor is not in the list, create a case via the Chrome River Help Desk to request the vendor.

3. The Network ID and Shared Secret are your organization's unique login credentials provided by the vendor, usually in your business account settings. Enter them here.

4. Click to activate TEST MODE if you want to try out the feature without actually sending purchase orders to the vendor.

5. Now click the Tax tab and enter the tax code linked to this vendor address into the Default Tax Code 1 field. This step is required.

6. Finally, click the Other tab and enter the vendor's email address in the Email 1 field. This step is required.

7. When you are ready to make the feature live, return to the Punchout tab, click to inactivate Test Mode (if necessary) and click STATUS to set it to Active.

8. Click SAVE.

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