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Cost Codes Admin Screen

The Cost Code admin screen allows you to create and manage cost codes and to see which expense types are assigned to them. You can sort them by cost code or description by clicking on the appropriate column heading.


Edit Cost Codes

Click on the desired cost code to display its details. Click EDIT to make changes to the cost code number, description and the template used.

The Expense Types grid at the bottom lists all the expense types associated with the selected cost code. The ability to assign expense types to cost codes is provided in the Expense Type admin screen.

When you are finished, click SAVE.

Create a New Cost Code

To create a new cost code, click the blue plus button to the right of "Cost Codes."

Enter the details and click SAVE. Alternatively, click CANCEL to exit without creating the new cost code.

Delete Cost Code

Select the desired cost code in the list and click DELETE in the upper left of its preview screen. Only Cost Codes that have no associated expense types may be deleted.

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