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Catalog Product Admin Screen

Our Catalog Product feature allows administrators to create an internal catalog of items from multiple vendors that users may select when creating purchase order requests. This allows you to limit users to specific items and to offer items from vendors not supported by our Catalog Punchout feature.


Enable Catalog Product


2. Select PURCHASE ORDER and click EDIT.

3. Under General, check the "Enable Catalog Product" box and click SAVE.

Create a New Item

Click the blue plus button and enter all the details of the product you wish to create.

  • Product Number: The SKU number provided by the vendor.

  • Manufacturer Reference ID: The part number or ASIN provided by the manufacturer.

Click SAVE.


It is also possible to upload products to the catalog in bulk via an API. Contact the Chrome River Help Desk for more details.

Edit an Item

To edit a catalog product, select it in the list and click EDIT.

You may edit any of its properties and make it active or inactive. When all your changes have been entered, click SAVE.

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