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DIRECT PAY Credit Cards Admin Screen

Your company can use DIRECT PAY to make expense reimbursements to users and company credit cards. DIRECT PAY reimbursements are deposited directly to the user’s bank account, and the total amount paid to users is transferred from the designated company bank account. If a company credit card is linked to the user’s expenses, funds can be transferred to pay the credit card charge directly from the designated company bank account, and the credit will appear on the monthly statement for the card.


To get started, submit a Chrome River Help Desk case requesting DIRECT PAY. Once your company is set up, the system administrator or Accounts Payable department will configure and manage the DIRECT PAY credit card information in Chrome River, including the ability to reimburse users from multiple company bank accounts. Users must add their own bank account information—see Manage Your Expense-Reimbursement Bank Account for more information.

It is also possible to configure DIRECT PAY to exclude payment of personal expenses when paying firm-paid corporate credit cards. Personal charges on the credit card will be indicated on the expense report via split allocation to the Personal Use allocation code and paid directly to the credit card issuer by the cardholder. Contact your Chrome River Configuration Team representative for more information.

Managing DIRECT PAY Credit Cards

Users with appropriate permissions may add, edit or delete company credit cards to be paid via the DIRECT PAY process. Click ADMIN SETTINGS > MASTER DATA > DIRECT PAY CREDIT CARDS.

Search for DIRECT PAY Credit Cards

Use the filters to narrow your search results.

  • Cardholder Name
  • Last 4 Digits of Card Number
  • Account Type: Select the desired credit card feed.
  • Status: “Pending” returns cards with no users mapped to them.

Enter the desired parameters and click SEARCH.

Use the ADD FILTER button to further narrow the search.

Add DIRECT PAY Credit Card

1. Click NEW CARD on the DIRECT PAY Credit Cards screen.

Or click ADD on the search results screen.


2. Use the drop-down menus to search for the Cardholder Name and Account Type, then enter the Card Number and click SAVE.

Edit DIRECT PAY Credit Card

1. Select the desired credit card and click EDIT.


2. You may use the drop-down to select the desired Cardholder Name or edit the Card Number. It is not possible to edit the Account Type.

3. When you are done, click SAVE.

Delete DIRECT PAY Credit Card

1. Select the desired credit card and click DELETE.

2. You will be asked to confirm by typing the word "DELETE" before you may click the DELETE button.

Export DIRECT PAY Credit Card Data

The EXPORT button at the top of the screen will create a Microsoft Excel file of all the current results on the DIRECT PAY Credit Cards screen. If desired, use the search filters to narrow the results before you click EXPORT.

Export DIRECT PAY Expenses

See DIRECT PAY Exports Admin Screen for complete details on exporting DIRECT PAY expenses.

DIRECT PAY Payment Timetable

  • Day 1: Administrator performs a DIRECT PAY export before 3:30 pm ET.
  • Day 2: The funds arrive at Chrome River's payment partner.
  • Day 3: The funds are confirmed. Chrome River sends the ACH or REIM file to pay your users.
  • Day 4: The funds are available in users' accounts.

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