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DIRECT PAY Exports Admin Screen

The availability of this function depends on your company's security rules. Only expenses that have gone through a regular export may be exported via DIRECT PAY (see Export Approved Expenses Admin Screen for more information). It is possible to export reports with negative payment values if the total value of the export is positive.

For further details on DIRECT PAY, see DIRECT PAY Credit Cards Admin Screen.


Find and Filter Approved Expenses

If you click SEARCH without selecting any filter criteria, the screen will show you all expenses that have been approved and exported to the accounting system. You may also filter the results in order to pay only certain expenses. Enter the criteria you would like to use to create your filter (e.g., expense owner, payment type). Then click SEARCH.

To save your filter criteria for future use, click SAVE before you search, then click CREATE NEW SEARCH.

Enter the desired search name and click CREATE.

Your saved search will be available in the SAVED SEARCH drop-down.

To edit or delete a saved search, select it from the drop-down and then click the pencil icon (to edit) or the trash icon (to delete).

Export Approved DIRECT PAY Expenses

The list displays expenses that need to be reimbursed to the requestor’s bank account (ACH or REIM) and expenses that need to be reimbursed to the company’s credit card (AMEX).

Select the approved DIRECT PAY expense(s) you would like to export. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the total number of expense owners selected and separate total amounts for each type of payment you are about to export.

Click EXPORT in the upper right corner. You will receive an email confirmation.

Expenses displayed in gray italics cannot be submitted. Hover your cursor over the check box for that expense to display the reason.

If you attempt to export an expense when no bank account has been selected, you will receive an error message. See Edit Bank Accounts for Reimbursing Expenses, below.

Edit Bank Accounts for Reimbursing Expenses

You can select different company bank accounts from which to reimburse each expense. Select an expense in the list and click EDIT.

In the pop-up window, use the drop-down menu to select the bank account from which to pay that expense and click EDIT.

Delete Approved Expenses

For payments made outside Chrome River, you may remove approved expenses from an export.

Check all the expenses that need to be removed and click DELETE at the top of the screen.

In the confirmation pop-up, type "DELETE" and then click DELETE.

Download Export Data

To download a .csv or .xls version of all the data on the DIRECT PAY Exports Screen, click DOWNLOAD AS and select the desired file type. The generated file will contain all the items returned by the current filter on the screen.

Requeue DIRECT PAY Transactions

When a user’s DIRECT PAY payment is returned due to an invalid bank account number or routing number, the administrator receives a notification email containing the expense owner name(s) and export requeue ID(s). The administrator contacts the expense owner to notify them to update the bank information. Then, the administrator may requeue the expense report for the next DIRECT PAY export via Chrome River’s Requeue DIRECT PAY Exports screen.

First, click the REQUEUE tab.

Enter the Requeue ID from the email notification and select the expense owner from the drop-down list, then click REQUEUE.

Alternatively, you may enter the Requeue ID and the Payment Type, which will requeue all payments for that type.

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