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Reimbursements Admin Screen

The Reimbursements admin screen allows you to manage and monitor all payment batches and view the history and status of all previous payments.


There are three tabs:

  • Ready To Pay: Payment groups that have been exported but are not yet paid.

  • Processing: Payment groups that are in Funded or Processing status.

  • All: A history of all payment groups, regardless of their status.

Click on a payment group to see a list of its recipients and the status of their payments.

Initiate Reimbursement

The payment groups listed on the Ready To Pay tab have all been exported via the DIRECT PAY Exports Admin Screen. Each group may contain expenses in multiple target currencies, but all will be paid from the same bank account belonging to your organization.

  • The currency code under the Amount indicates the source currency of the bank account from which this group will be paid.

1. Click on a payment group to view its basic information.

  • International payments will have fees, listed on the lower right. Payments from and to the same currency do not incur a fee.

2. Click PAYMENT DETAILS to access the Reference Number you will need to initiate the wire transfer for this payment group.

3. Verify that the Recipient Details and Total Amount to Send are correct.

  • Click SHOW DETAILS for information on the payments and fees.

  • You will see the total amount being transferred from your source currency and a breakdown of the amounts being paid out in each target currency. The exchange rate is guaranteed for 24 hours (or up to 3 days when there is a weekend or a holiday).

4. Copy the Reference Number at the bottom of the screen and use it when you initiate the wire transfer for this payment group with your bank.

5. After you initiate the wire transfer, return to the Reimbursements admin screen, select the payment group, and click CONFIRM PAYMENT.

6. In the Confirm Payment pop-up screen, click CONFIRM.

7. This payment group will now appear on the Processing tab, with a status of Funded.

8. Once Wise receives the funds, the status will change from Funded to Processing.

9. Once every recipient in the payment group has been reimbursed, the group will move to the All tab and show a status of Paid.

See Payment Status Definitions, below, for a list of statuses and their definitions.

Cancel Payment Group

You may cancel payment groups while they are still in the Ready To Pay status.

1. Select the group on the Ready To Pay tab and click CANCEL PAYMENT GROUP.

2. In the Cancel Payment Group pop-up screen, click CONTINUE.

3. All of the expenses in the payment group will be requeued on the DIRECT PAY Exports Admin Screen and the payment group will be deleted.

Troubleshoot Failed Payments

For failed payments, you will see the reason for failure for each payment group and each individual payment so that you can troubleshoot reimbursement failures. 


Most commonly, payment failures are caused by issues with the end user's banking information. If this is the cause of your payment failure, notify the affected end user that they need to update their banking information.

Payment Status Definitions

  • Ready To Pay: A wire transfer has not yet been initiated for this group.

  • Funded: The wire transfer has been initiated but Wise has not yet received the funds.

  • Processing: Wise has received the funds.

  • Partially Paid: Payment for one or more users was rejected (e.g., a user's bank account was closed), Wise has refunded the money, and the expenses have been requeued to the DIRECT PAY Exports screen. Users must update their bank account details before those expenses can be reexported.

  • Paid: Every recipient in the payment group has been reimbursed.

  • Failed: The payment group was unable to be created and all its expenses were requeued on the DIRECT PAY Exports screen.

  • Canceled: An administrator manually canceled the payment group.

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