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Account Management Admin Screen

The Account Management admin screen allows you to connect one or more bank accounts to Chrome River's international payments partner, Wise.

Connecting a bank account is the first step to enabling your organization to process international reimbursements. See Global Reimbursements by Wise for details on the additional steps.


All the bank accounts your organization has provided to Chrome River's Implementation team will be displayed on the Account Management screen. You must connect them individually to Wise.

Connect a Bank Account to Wise

Each business profile is linked to a legal entity of the enterprise. For example, if your organization is based in the US but does business in the UK and Australia, you have a different business entity for each country and will need to create a profile for each with its own bank account.

1. Find the desired bank account and click CONNECT.

2. You will be redirected to the Wise log-in screen.

  • If your organization already has a Wise account, enter the associated email address and password and click LOG IN.

  • If your organization does not yet have a Wise account, click SIGN UP.



Signing up for a Wise account involves a multistep verification process that requires you to provide proof of identity and address. For information on the documents you will need before you get started and the length of the verification process, click here.

  • To access the entire Wise Help Center, click here.

The signup screens you see will vary by country and industry. However, all customers will need to indicate the purpose for using Wise.

Select "Paying suppliers/contractors/employees" from the drop-down menu.

3. Account verification may be instantaneous or it may take several days. Once you have a verified Wise account, you may log into Wise and link your business profile with the bank account you selected in Chrome River's Account Management screen.

On the confirmation screen, click GIVE ACCESS.

4. On the Account Management screen, this bank account will now display a red DISCONNECT button to indicate that it is linked.

Now you may create payment groups for this bank account via the DIRECT PAY Exports Admin Screen and initiate and track reimbursements via the information on the Reimbursements Admin Screen.

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