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Export Approved Expenses Admin Screen

The Export Approved Expenses screen allows users with administrative privileges to export approved expense line items for payment processing.


Previous Exports

The panel on the right shows a list of past exports in chronological order (most recent at the top).

  • Queued On: The date that the export started
  • Export Time: The date that the export finished
  • Exported By: The person who initiated the export
  • Lines Exported: Number of expense line items in the export

Export Approved Expenses

1. By default, you may filter by Report ID and Expense Owner. If no search criteria are entered and you click EXPORT, the system will export all approved expense line items for all users in the company.

2. To access the complete range of filters, click SHOW MORE FILTERS.

Enter the criteria for the expense line items you would like to export.

  • Report ID: Unique ID of the expense report with which the line item is associated
  • Expense Owner: User who owns the expense
  • Create Date: Range of dates during which the line-item expense was created in Chrome River
  • Transaction Date: Range of dates during which the line-item expense transaction occurred
  • Statement Date: Limit results to only those reports with line items that have a transaction Statement date within a specified range
  • Currency: The “Pay Me In” currency on the report
  • Feed Type: Transaction Feed Type of a specific vendor, such as AMEX
  • Firm Paid: Expenses paid for by the organization
  • Role: Use Relationship Attributes (e.g., Part Of, Firmwide, AP Review) to filter exports
  • Entity Type: A group of expense owners (e.g., an office, a project team)
  • Entities: A subset of a group of expense owners (e.g., a department in the office)

To view a list of line items ready for export, use Emburse Analytics' Expense Spend Detail Report with the Update filter "Expense Line Status Approved is Approved."

3. Click EXPORT. A confirmation pop-up window will appear listing the filter criteria used. Click EXPORT to confirm.

If the line items were exported successfully, a green confirmation message will appear and details of the export will be visible in the Previously Exported list. You will receive an email when the export file is ready. If you would like your organization's export email notification to include the total number of records exported, submit a request via the Chrome River Help Desk.

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