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Invoice Export Admin Screen

The Invoice Export admin screen shows you all the invoices that are available to be exported to your company’s accounting system. The Previously Exported Invoices pane shows details of the those invoices, including the dates they were exported.


Previous Exports

The panel on the right shows a list of past exports in chronological order.

  • Requested On: The date that the export started
  • Exported On: The date that the export finished
  • Invoice Exported: The number of invoices in the export
  • Exporter: The person who initiated the export
  • Number of expense line items in the export

Export Invoices

Use the filter criteria to search for invoices you wish to export. You will be able to preview them before you click EXPORT.

  • View All Approved Invoices: Click the Saved Search drop-down and select ALL APPROVED. Then click SEARCH.

Once the approved invoices are ready to be exported, click the EXPORT button to create the approved invoice export file. This will export all the approved invoices filtered on this screen to your company’s account system.

Note: If you use a foreign currency exchange processor to pay invoices with foreign currencies, exporting those invoices creates a separate file that is sent to the processor you have set up.

Saved Search

Once you have entered the desired filter criteria, click SAVE to create a saved search to use in the future.

Give the saved search a name and click CREATE.

To run, edit or delete a saved search, select it from the Saved Search drop-down list.

Revert Export

The Previously Exported Invoices pane allows you to undo an entire export, which changes every invoice in that export from "Exported"status to "Approved" status.

To revert, find the export in the Previously Exported pane and click REVERT. You may only revert exports that have occurred within the last 30 days.

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