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Add PO Line Items via Vendor Websites with Catalog Punchout

If your organization has requested to activate our Catalog Punchout feature, you will have the option to add line items to purchase order requests by shopping directly in the vendor's eCatalog online. After you complete checkout on the vendor's site, you will be returned to Chrome River to validate the PO and submit it for approval. Items will ship after the PO has been approved.

Set Up Catalog Punchout

1. To activate Catalog Punchout for your organization, an administrator must begin by opening a case in the Chrome River Help Desk to activate the feature.

2. An administrator will need to create PO Item and Shipping expense types if they do not yet exist in your organization's list of Expense Types. The Shipping expense type may be called "Delivery" or any other term your organization chooses. Its function is to distinguish shipping/delivery costs from item costs in the PO Line Item list. See Expense Type Admin Screen for details on creating expense types.

3. Next, the Shipping expense type you created will need to be linked to Catalog Punchout via the drop-down in CUSTOMER PREFERENCES > PURCHASE ORDER > GENERAL. See "Purchase Order – Shipping Expense Type for Punchout PO" in Customer Preferences Admin Screen for details.

4. An administrator will need to link a punchout account to the vendor address before users may begin accessing the feature. See "Link Punchout to Vendor" in Invoice Vendor Admin Screen for details.

Add Punchout Items to a PO

1. On the Purchase Order Entry screen, click ADD LINE and select PUNCHOUT.

2. Select the vendor whose catalog you wish to browse. Note that only one vendor may be selected per PO, but you may request additional items from the same vendor by repeating these steps for each item.

3. Add the desired item to your cart and check out. Enter the billing, shipping and payment information. On the last page, you will see a banner indicating that the order requires approval. Click to submit the order for approval.

4. On the confirmation screen, click CLOSE,

5. You will be returned to the PO in Chrome River. If the purchase includes a shipping charge, the system will automatically create separate line items, one for the product and one for shipping.

Click EDIT to enter the remaining required details of the PO and validate the information that was captured.

6. The system will automatically populate such details as vendor information, order amount and tax . You will be required to manually enter the Ship To and Bill To addresses.

7. Next you will need to select an Allocation for the line item. Click the three dots and select EDIT, then scroll down to choose the Allocation.

8. The only standard field you will be able to edit is quantity. If you change the quantity, that number of items will be shipped after the PO is approved.

9. To add another item from the same vendor, click ADD LINE and select PUNCHOUT again.

  • To add an item from a different vendor, you will need to create a separate PO.

  • To change the vendor for this PO, you must delete all line items, remove the current vendor, and select the new one. Then follow the steps above to add items.

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