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Copy Prior PO Details into a New PO

During the creation of a new purchase order, Chrome River PURCHASE ORDER allows you to search and access prior purchase orders from a specific vendor and copy the details into a new purchase order.

Search for Prior Purchase Orders

1. On the New Purchase Order screen, click the three-dots button and then click PRIOR PO.

2. If a vendor has been selected on the current PO, the search results will automatically populate with results for that vendor from the last 90 days. Otherwise, begin typing the vendor name in the Vendor field, then click on the desired vendor when it appears.

  • A clock icon appears next to recently used vendors.

3. You may filter your purchase order search by

  • Address
  • PO Date: Use the drop-down menu or select custom dates using the calendar icons.
  • PO Amount: Select the function (Exactly, Greater Than or Equal, etc.) and then enter the amount in the box below.
  • PO Number
  • PO Currency
  • Reference Number
  • Requester
  • Creator


View Prior Purchase Orders

The Prior PO grid provides you with a quick summary of the purchase order details.

On wide-screen devices, you will see a list of prior purchase orders in a grid.

On narrow-screen devices, each purchase order will be listed in its own square.

Select the desired purchase order in the list and click the PDF button to view the PO Report or Full Report.

If a purchase order has an image attached, the IMAGES button in the lower left corner will be active. Click the button to view the image.

Copy Prior Purchase Order

You may copy the details of a purchase order previously created in Chrome River to create a new purchase order. All the header and line-item data from the prior purchase order will be copied into the new one.

1. Select the purchase order you would like to copy and click COPY.

2. Fill out the Confirmation screen with the new purchase order date and amount. Click COPY.

3. A new purchase order will be generated for you with the line-item data from the prior purchase order updated to reflect the new purchase order total. You may now fill out the remaining fields for the purchase order and continue processing it.

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