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Add Images to Purchase Orders

Images may be uploaded as a PDF to be immediately attached to your purchase order or to create a new purchase order based on the image. If you chose to upload PDF images, the maximum size for a single upload is 10 MB, and the combined size of all the uploads for a single purchase order must be 100 MB or less. For more information, see Invoice Image-Capture Specifications and Troubleshooting.

A paperclip icon indicates an attachment in the Draft Purchase Orders screen.

You may view attached images from the PO preview by clicking IMAGES or scrolling down to the Attachments section and clicking the image thumbnail(s).

Use the buttons at the top of the lightbox to zoom in and out, rotate the image and open the image in a new browser window.

Add Image

Click BROWSE FILE to upload the PO image.

On desktop computers, you may simply drag and drop the image onto the Purchase Entry pane to upload it.

The image will appear below as a thumbnail. Tap the thumbnail to view the image in the lightbox.

  • On wide-screen devices the lightbox opens to the left of the PO Entry screen.
  • On narrow-screen devices, it slides in over the PO Entry screen.

See Invoice Image-Capture Specifications and Troubleshooting for complete details on the types of images that may be uploaded to invoices and purchase orders.

Delete Image

To delete a single image, click on it to open the light box, then click the red trash can.

On the confirmation pop-up, click DELETE.

To delete all attachments on a purchase order, click the DELETE ALL ATTACHMENTS button in the purchase order’s preview or in edit mode.

On the confirmation pop-up, click DELETE ALL.

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