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Create a Purchase Order

Each purchase order request for a vendor or supplier is entered into its own unique record.

From the Dashboard, click the +CREATE button in the Purchase Orders ribbon.

Alternatively, you may click the + button in the upper right corner of the Draft Purchase Orders list.

Attach Image

It can be helpful to upload an image of the vendor's quote first so that all the information you need to enter is displayed next to the Purchase Order Entry screen.

Click BROWSE FILE to upload the PO image.

On desktop computers, you may simply drag and drop the image onto the Purchase Entry pane to upload it.

The image will appear below as a thumbnail. Tap the thumbnail to view the image in the lightbox.

  • On wide-screen devices the lightbox opens to the left of the PO Entry screen.
  • On narrow-screen devices, it slides in over the PO Entry screen.

See Invoice Image-Capture Specifications and Troubleshooting for complete details on the types of images that may be uploaded to invoices and purchase orders.

PO Header Information

Note that the fields on your organization's Purchase Order Entry screen may vary.

  • Vendor Name: The vendor can be entered in a variety of ways.
  • Start typing the vendor name or vendor ID and then select it from the drop-down list. The more characters typed, the more specific the result list.
  • Or you may scroll through the entire list. Recently used vendors will appear at the top of the list with a clock icon to the left.
  • If the vendor is not found or does not exist, click CREATE TEMPORARY VENDOR to enter a temporary new vendor request. See Create a Temporary Vendor for more information.
  • Vendor Address: Use the address drop-down menu to select which vendor address should be used. If a temporary new vendor was created, a vendor address does not need to be created. Your company's vendor specialist will manage the new vendor information.
  • PO Number: This will be generated automatically.
  • PO Date
  • PO Amount: Enter the purchase order amount or click the calculator icon to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Note: Selecting the top-right UP ARROW in the calculator will display an electronic tape of the last 4 entries. If there are more than 4 entries, use the scroll bar to look back and verify the data entry. Clicking the ENTER key will sum the last entry and update the amount field.
  • Currency: Currency codes are automatically populated in this field based on the Vendor Address selected. If necessary, select the correct code using the drop-down. The system updates the exchange rate from daily at 00:00 UTC and will use this to provide an estimate of the exchange rate based on the purchase order date.

  • Reference: Enter any reference number associated with the purchase order

PO Detail Information

Note that the fields on your organization's Purchase Order Detail section may vary.

  • Request Memo: Enter information that will appear in the printed check remittance advice.

  • Requester: Use the Requestor drop-down to select the person who requested the goods or services on the purchase order.

  • Description: Text entered here will automatically populate in each line-item description (where it may be modified as appropriate).

  • Rush: Check this box if processing needs to be expedited.

  • Delivery Date: The date goods or services are expected to be delivered.

  • Promise Date: The date on which the goods will be shipped.

  • Cancel Date: The delivery deadline for the goods or services.

  • Ship-to Address: The address to which the goods or services should be delivered.

  • Bill-to Address: The address to which the invoice should be sent.

  • Attention To: Use the drop-down to select the person to whose attention the purchase order is marked.

  • Authorized By: Use the drop-down to select the person to who authorized the purchase order.

  • Create Date: The date on which the purchase order was created.

  • Creator Name: The name of the person who created the purchase order.

Terms and Conditions

Your organization may have standard Terms & Conditions that need to be attached to the header or line items on a purchase order.

  • To add these to the header, use the drop-down menu in the Terms and Conditions section of the PO Entry screen to select the appropriate set of terms and conditions that applies to the entire purchase order.
  • To add terms and conditions to a specific line item, click the line-item menu and select EDIT.

Now select the appropriate set of terms and conditions that applies to that line item and click the green SAVE button.


The Comments tab allows you to provide additional information. The comments are displayed in date order.

Enter your comment in the text box and click POST.

Allocation – Expense Information

Click ADD EXPENSE to add line items to the purchase order request.

Select the item type from the mosaic. Some item types may have subtypes to choose from.

When you have entered the line-item details, click the green SAVE button.

Cancel Edits

You may cancel edits to a purchase order at any time before it has been submitted or saved, unless it has one or more line items.

If you have not yet saved the draft, clicking CANCEL deletes the record and prevents it from appearing in your Drafts list.

If the purchase order has already been saved, clicking CANCEL will only cancel the edits you have made since the last time you saved the purchase order.

Save vs. Submit

If the purchase order is not ready to be submitted or approved, click SAVE to keep it in its current status (i.e., in Draft Purchase Orders or on the Approval Dashboard). You will have the option to edit the invoice from either location until it is submitted.

If the purchase order is ready for approval routing, click SUBMIT and then APPROVE from the drop-down.

You will be asked to confirm that you approve the purchase order. You may optionally select an additional reviewer from the drop-down list and add a comment.

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