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Create a Temporary Vendor

Occasionally when you are creating a new invoice or purchase order, the vendor you need may not be available in the vendor search drop-down menu. You can create a temporary new vendor for the invoice or purchase order and then have your vendor administrator add the new vendor to your accounting system.

Add a Temporary New Vendor

1. Click inside the Vendor Name box and select CREATE TEMPORARY VENDOR at the top of the drop-down list.

2. Enter the new vendor name and click CREATE. You will not need to add an address for the vendor.

3. Fill out the remaining fields on the new invoice entry screen and click SAVE or, if it is complete, SUBMIT. The temporary new vendor name will have a special icon next to it on the Invoice Dashboard.

The icon will also be present when the temporary vendor appears in future search results.

Use a Temporary New Vendor

Depending on your company’s rules, your submitted invoice or purchase order will likely be routed to a vendor specialist in the AP organization. He or she will review the temporary new vendor and add it and the corresponding address to your company’s accounting system or to Chrome River online. We recommend that once the AP vendor specialist has added approved new vendor information to your company’s accounting system, he or she wait for the system to update Chrome River with the information before replacing the temporary new vendor with the approved vendor.

For some companies, a submitted invoice will go through the routing process without going to the AP reviewer first. The AP reviewer will still need to convert the temporary new vendor to a permanent vendor before the invoice can complete the approval process and be made available to export.

Change a Temporary New Vendor to a Permanent Vendor

After the new vendor information has been added to your company’s accounting system and to Chrome River, you or the approver will need to replace the temporary new vendor name in the invoice or purchase order with the approved vendor name that was added to your accounting system and downloaded to Chrome River.

  • If the invoice or purchase order has not been submitted, open it in the Draft grid and use the Vendor drop-down menu to select the permanent vendor name from the list. Click SAVE or SUBMIT.
  • If the invoice or purchase order has already been submitted, the approver will need to open it in the Approval Dashboard (or the AP reviewer can open it in the dashboard) to select the permanent vendor name, then click SAVE or SUBMIT.

Note: There is a filter option on the Invoice Management Dashboard and the Purchase Order Management Dashboard that allows the AP reviewer to search for all invoices or purchase orders that contain new vendor requests.

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