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Invoice Compliance Warnings and Violations

Warnings and violations enforce your organization’s business rules.


A compliance warning indicates that additional information is required before an invoice can be submitted for approval and processing. Compliance warnings may be encountered when saving or submitting an invoice for approval. The number of the business rule that triggered the warning or violation is listed at the top of the message.

Respond by either modifying the data (if there is an error) or replying to the warning.

  • If a reply is required, click "Enter a response" in the response area under the message to activate a text box where you can enter your reply.
  • Click SAVEto update and close the compliance warning message.


A compliance violation indicates that the invoice cannot be submitted for approval and processing based on company policies defined in the system. A compliance violation may be encountered when saving or submitting an entire invoice for approval.

If there is an error within the data provided, the SUBMIT button will be deactivated. You will be required to make any necessary changes before you can submit the invoice.

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