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Add Tax Information to an Invoice

Your company can request to activate the ability to handle tax transactions (e.g., VAT, GST/PST/HST, consumption tax) in Chrome River INVOICE. A Tax section will display on the Invoice Entry Screen and additional information will appear in the Allocation section.

Add Tax Information

The Tax section allows you to determine which tax codes are available for allocation on the invoice's line items. If the selected vendor address has a tax code associated with it, that code will be appear in the Tax panel by default.

The first tax code added will be the default tax code for each line item added to the invoice.

Note: Because tax codes are effective-dated, the Invoice Date field must be populated in order to enable the Tax section.

  1. Add Tax: Allows you to add more tax rates to the invoice
  2. Apply Tax: Assigns that tax code to the invoice line items you select in a pop-up window
  3. Delete: Removes that tax rate from the invoice

Add Tax to an Invoice

This is where you choose which tax rate(s) will be available to apply to line items on the invoice.

1. Click ADD TAX, then select the desired tax code from the drop-down menu.

Rate: The effective-dated tax rate determined by the tax code

Rec: A check mark indicates that the tax code is set up as recoverable

2. If you enter a tax amount in the AMOUNT box, the app will keep track of it as an amount to be allocated in the Allocation section.

Apply Tax to Line Items

Every line item on the invoice can have a tax code associated with it. If necessary, your company will create a 0% tax code that can be applied to nontaxable line items. For most organizations, the first tax code listed on the invoice header will be applied to all line items by default. However, you may manually apply a different tax code to a line item directly from the header or from the line item itself.

Apply Tax from Header

1. To apply tax from the header, click the APPLY TAX button under the desired rate in the Tax panel.

2. Use the check boxes to select the line items on the invoice to which you want to apply that tax code, then click APPLY.

Apply Tax from Line Item

1. To change the tax code from the line item itself, click its three-dots button and select EDIT.

2. Use the Tax Code drop-down to select the appropriate code and click SAVE.

3. If "Multiple Taxes on Line Item" is enabled within Customer Preferences, you will be able to add more than one tax.

Apply Multiple Taxes 1.png

Tax amounts will be automatically calculated, but you may change them manually on each line item.

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