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Copy Prior Invoice Details into a New Invoice

During the creation of a new invoice, Chrome River INVOICE allows you to search and access prior invoices from a specific vendor. This is a great tool for viewing the invoice history for that vendor and ensuring you are not processing a duplicate invoice from them.

It also allows you to copy the details of a previous invoice into a new invoice, including any tax rates associated with the header and line items. Note that tax rates will be based on the date of the invoice being created, not the date of the prior invoice. Tax amounts on the header will need to be entered manually, but they will be calculated automatically on any line items.

Search for Prior Invoices

1. On the New Invoice screen, click the three-dots button and then click PRIOR INVOICES.

Begin typing the vendor name in the VENDOR field, then click on the desired vendor when it appears.

3. You may filter your invoice search by

  • Address
  • Invoice Date: Use the drop-down menu or select custom dates using the calendar icons.
  • Invoice Amount: Select the function (Exactly, Greater Than or Equal, etc.) and then enter the amount in the box below.
  • Invoice Currency
  • Type: Filter for invoices or templates, if your organization uses them
  • Requester
  • Customer Address


View Prior Invoices

The Prior Invoices grid provides you with a quick summary of the invoice details.

On wide-screen devices, you will see a list of prior invoices in a grid.

On narrow-screen devices, each invoice will be listed in its own square.

To view a specific invoice, click it in the list, then click the IMAGES button in the lower left corner.

On a narrow-screen device, you will need to click the three dots icon to access the IMAGES button.

Click the PDF button to view the invoice's Cover Page, Full Report or Full Report Image.

Copy Prior Invoice

You may copy the details of an invoice previously created in Chrome River to create a new invoice. Note: If the status of the invoice on this screen is “Converted,” the invoice record was NOT processed in Chrome River and no detailed invoice information is available in Chrome River to be copied.

1. Select the invoice you would like to copy and click COPY.


2. Fill out the Confirmation screen with the new invoice date and invoice amount. Click COPY.

3. A new invoice will be generated for you with the line-item data from the prior invoice updated to reflect the new invoice total. You may now fill out the remaining fields for the invoice and continue processing it.

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