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Create Invoices Via Email

Depending on your organization's configuration of Chrome River INVOICE, you may be able to create new invoices by forwarding PDFs via email without a cover sheet. Chrome River uses rules set by your company to determine whose My Unsubmitted Invoices grid these new invoices will appear on. Depending on the rules, they may go to the user who sent the PDF or they may go to one person for the entire organization—or some combination of either.

To activate this feature, please submit a case via the Chrome River Help Desk so that a Configuration team member can assist you in defining the new rules set that this feature requires.

Once this feature is activated, simply attach a single invoice PDF to an email and send it from the email address associated with their Chrome River account to the email address assigned to your organization. You will also find this email address on any invoice cover page you generate in Chrome River.

A new invoice will appear in the designated Draft Invoice grid with that PDF attached as an image. Additionally, the Invoice Header notes will be appended to include the email address of the sender of the email and the time the invoice record was received.

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