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Apply Discount Terms to Invoices and Purchase Orders

If your organization has activated this feature, you may apply vendor discount terms to invoices and purchase orders directly on the Invoice header and PO header. Additionally, if your organization uses Embuse Pay B2B Payments, you may deduct these discounts when payments are made.

The Discount Amount, Discount Terms, and Discount Date fields on invoices and POs will reflect the default terms set in the Vendor Address record. Users may override the default terms directly on the Invoice Header and PO Header or add discount terms when a Vendor Address has no default terms. When a PO with discounted terms is converted to an invoice, the calculated discount amount will carry over to the invoice.

  • Note that discounts will not display on the Invoice PDF or XML.

For customers who use Emburse Pay, the calculated discount amount will appear on the Ready to Pay and Payment Summary screens, and users may choose whether to apply the terms for a discount on the Payment Summary screen.

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