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Manage and Pay Invoices via Emburse Pay B2B Payments

Emburse Pay – B2B Payments provides an integrated solution for teams to easily manage and track the entire invoice approval and payment process. This allows Emburse Chrome River INVOICE customers to save time, lower costs, increase efficiency and enhance the user experience by reducing the need to print and mail physical checks. All invoices will be automatically imported into B2B Payments for review, then sent to our partner, WEX, for payment via check or credit card.

Contact your Chrome River Customer Success Manager to begin the implementation process. This includes onboarding and account setup with WEX, a supplier-enablement campaign wherein Chrome River contacts your vendors to enroll them in the vCard program, and additional configuration of your Chrome River account and vendor feed.

Once these are in place, you will need to create or update the record for each vendor to be paid via B2B Payments with a preferred Payment Mode. Then you'll be able to use the Emburse Pay Dashboard to track and manage payments.

For check payments, Wex prints and mails a check to the vendor. For credit card payments, WEX creates a single-use virtual card for the payment amount and requests that the vendor authorize it in order to be paid.

Activate B2B Payments on Invoice Vendor Record

In order to pay your vendors via B2B Payments, you must first create invoice vendor records for each of them or update their existing records to be sure they contain the following information on the Edit Address screen:

  • Address

  • Preferred Mode: Choose check or credit card. This cannot be set to "none." Once you select a Payment Mode, the vendor will be set up in B2B Payments.

  • Standard Terms: Choose the vendor's term length from the drop-down.

  • Bank Information: Complete all the fields in the Bank Information section.

For complete details on creating and updating invoice vendor records, see Invoice Vendor Admin Screen.

Manage B2B Payments Via Emburse Pay Dashboard

The Emburse Pay Dashboard allows you to track and manage B2B Payments once an invoice has been approved and exported in Chrome River.

On the left-nav menu, in the Invoice section, click B2B PAYMENTS.

The Emburse Pay Dashboard will open in a new window or tab on your browser. See Manage Payments in the Emburse Pay Help Center for complete details on using the Emburse Pay Dashboard.

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