Training: Video Tutorials

  • Get Started

    A quick overview of the key features and navigation of Chrome River 4:47 View Now
    Delegation Learn how to act as a delegate and assign delegates 2:23 View Now
  • Expense Report Quick Start Learn how to create and submit an expense report in Chrome River in under 8 minutes 7:29 View Now
    Create & Submit Expense Reports Get an in-depth look at how to create and submit an expense report 30:23 View Now
    Add Allocations  Learn how to add allocations to an expense report 3:09 View Now
    Attach Receipts Learn all the ways you can attach receipt images to expense reports 2:55 View Now
    Header vs. Line-Item Receipts Learn the difference between header and line-item receipts and how to attach them 1:44 View Now

    Memorized Expenses

    Learn how to "memorize" frequently used expenses to easily add to reports 1:29 View Now

    Warnings & Violations

    Learn how warnings and violations work in Chrome River 2:09 View Now
    Chrome River SNAP Capture and upload receipts using the Chrome River SNAP mobile app 3:13  View Now
    Automated Expense Creation Learn about Chrome River's optional Automated Expense Creation feature 2:44 View Now

    Track Expense Reports

    Learn how to track your submitted expense reports 1:18 View Now

    Inquiry Reports

    Learn how to view reports on your activity 1:29 View Now

    TripLog Mobile App 

    Learn how to use the TripLog app to track and send mileage expenses to Chrome River 3:29 View Now

    TripLog Dashboard

    Learn how to use the TripLog dashboard as a user and as an admin 3:32 View Now
    Get Started Approving Expenses Learn how to approve expenses in the Chrome River app in under 5 minutes 4:44 View Now
    Expense Approval Take an in-depth look at how to review, approve, adjust and return expense reports in Chrome River 17:17 View Now
  • Create a Pre-Approval Learn how to create a pre-approval and attach it to an expense report 4:38 View Now
  • Create an Invoice Learn how to create an invoice in Chrome River 1:52 View Now
    Submit & Approve Invoices Learn how invoices are submitted and approved in Chrome River 23:03 View Now
  • Create and Submit Purchase Orders

    Learn how to create and submit a purchase order in Chrome River 2:57 View Now

    Approve Purchase Orders

    Quickly learn how to approve purchase orders 2:04 View Now

    Submit, Approve, and Manage Purchase Orders

    Learn about the entire purchase order approval process 8:23 View Now

    PO Management

    Learn how to search for and reassign purchase orders via the Purchase Order Management screen 3:29 View Now
  • Configure Company Settings

    A closer look at the most used screens in the Admin Settings menu 34:58 View Now

    Changeset Management

    Learn how to create and use changesets 3:59 View Now

    Resolve Conflicts Via Changeset

    Learn how to resolve conflicts that may arise when multiple users edit changesets 3:29 View Now

    Mosaics & Tiles

    Learn how to customize user-interface mosaics and their expense-type tiles 2:47 View Now

    Forms Editor

    Learn how to edit user-interface forms 4:00 View Now

    Add UDAs

    Learn how to add a user-defined field (UDA) to a form 2:06 View Now

    Business Rules Quick Start

    Quickly learn how to view, tag and edit rules 3:36 View Now

    Manage Rules with Rule Builder

    An in-depth look at creating and editing business rules and their rule messages 27:01 View Now

    Create Rule Messages

    Learn how to create rule messages and associate them with business rules 2:27 View Now

    Commonly Used Rule Conditions

    Learn how to create common rule conditions 8:28 View Now

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