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Training: End-User Essentials

Welcome to Chrome River! The links and videos on this page will get you up and running with Chrome River quickly. Click any section below to get started now!

Getting Started

Enter Expenses

Chrome River offers multiple ways to easily create expenses.

  • Chrome River App: Access your account from your device as if you were using a desktop computer.
  • Emburse Chrome River Mobile App: Easily capture and upload receipt images right when the expense occurs.
  • Email Upload: Send emailed receipts straight into your Chrome River account by forwarding them.
  • Credit Card Charges: Transaction details from your company corporate credit card or personal credit card will automatically be imported into Chrome River for use on expense reports.

  • Business Meals: Learn how to enter meal expenses that include one or more guests.

  • Hotels: Learn how to itemize hotel receipts on your expense reports.
  • Mileage: Learn how to enter mileage expenses on your reports.

  • Per Diem: If your organization has per-day rates of reimbursement for certain types of expenses, learn how to enter these expenses.

      • Allocations: Learn how to search for and add a category for each expense on your report.


      • Create an Invoice: Learn how to enter an invoice into Chrome River manually or by forwarding an emailed invoice to your account.

    • Create a Vendor: Create a temporary new vendor for an invoice or purchase order so that your vendor administrator may add the new vendor to your accounting system.

    • Save an Invoice as a Template: For repetitive invoices from the same vendors, you have an option to save an invoice as a template for easier and faster submission later.

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