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Add Receipt Images to Expenses

You may attach images to an expense while you are creating it or after it has been created. Images may be uploaded directly through the application, emailed, or added via Chrome River SNAP. For a complete list of receipt submission methods, see All Methods for Adding Receipts as an Expense Owner or a Delegate.

  • Only JPG, PDF, PNG, OFD, and TIFF files can be accepted when an image is attached via the Chrome River app.
  • Only JPG, PNG, and HEIC/HEIFfiles can be accepted via Chrome River SNAP.
  • No file may be greater than 10 MB, and there is a limit of 499 images per expense report.
  • Images attached via email or via scanning or faxing may not exceed a combined total of 100 MB.
  • JPG and PNG files must be a minimum of 50 kB.

See Receipt-Capture Tips, Image Specs, and Troubleshooting for complete details.

Attach Directly to the Report Header

Once you have entered the header information for a new expense—the Report Name, the Pay Me In Currency and any other required information—scroll down to the Attachments section. There are two ways to attach images:

  • Drag and drop images onto DRAG IMAGE HERE TO UPLOAD
  • Click ADD ATTACHMENTS to browse for images on your device or upload one from the Receipt Gallery.

Either of these will attach receipts to the report header.

Attach Image 1 new.png

You will see a thumbnail image of each receipt attached, and the total number of receipts attached will be shown in parentheses.

  • If you attach a multipage PDF containing only images, each image will be created as a separate expense item unless you put the amount and currency in the subject line of the email when you submit it.
  • If your organization has deactivated this feature, only single-page image-based PDFs will be split into individual receipt images.
  • If a multipage PDF contains text, a single item will be created.

Attach Image 2.png

Clicking on a thumbnail will bring up a preview of the receipt. The three icons above the preview allow you to reduce, enlarge and rotate the receipt image. The paper clip icon in the upper left corner will allow you to remove the receipt from the report.

Attach Directly to a Line Item

You can attach receipts directly to specific items on your expense report. However, images that have been submitted by email or via scanning or faxing will be attached to the header of your report. You may then move them to specific line items, if desired.

Line items that have images attached display a paper clip.

On wide-screen devices, you may drag images from the header to a specific line item on the report.

On narrow-screen devices like phones it will be easier to add a line-item image by opening the desired line item, scrolling to the Attachments section, and clicking ADD ATTACHMENTS.

A blue paper clip on the image thumbnail indicates when an image in the header pane has been attached to a line item.

Attachment Indicator.png

Via Draft or Recently Submitted List

You can attach images to a Draft expense report or a Recently Submitted expense report without even opening the report. Simply find the report in the list and select it. When the preview appears on the right, scroll to the bottom and either drag and drop images onto DRAG IMAGE HERE TO UPLOAD or click ADD ATTACHMENTS to browse for images on your device or upload them from the Receipt Gallery.

AI - Add via Preview.png

Via the Receipt Gallery

Receipt images uploaded previously or sent in via email will appear in the Receipt Gallery, where they can be added to an existing report or used to create a new report.

1. From within an expense report, click the PLUS button to add a new expense.


3. Select the receipt.

4. Click the blue PLUS button to add the selected receipt to the report.

AI - Add via Gallery.png

For complete details, see Create Expenses via the Receipt Gallery.

Via Chrome River SNAP App

Complete details on using Chrome River's SNAP app may be found in Capture and Upload Receipts via Chrome River SNAP for iPhone and Capture and Upload Receipts via Chrome River SNAP for Android .

Once Chrome River SNAP has uploaded your receipt photo to Chrome River, you will find it in your Receipt Gallery and in the Offline tab of the eWallet. After OCR (Optical Character Recognition) has finished processing, you may add the receipt to an expense report.

1. Log in to Chrome River.

2. From within an expense report, tap the PLUS button to add a new expense.


4. Select the receipt.

5. Tap the blue PLUS button to add the selected receipt to the report.

Add Snap Rcpt to Expense.jpg

Via Email

You may use Chrome River's Receipt feature to submit receipt images when you are not logged into the application—for example, when you have captured a receipt photo with your mobile device on the go. These can be uploaded directly to a specific expense or placed in the Receipt Gallery for you to attach to a report later. You may also email receipt images directly to another user's eWallet and have other users email receipts directly to your eWallet. See Create Expense Items Via Email for complete details.

Via Scanning or Faxing

You may also attach receipt images by scanning them and then emailing or faxing them in with a cover page that will route them to a specific report. This is helpful if you have a large stack of paper receipts to submit.

Any images already attached to the report will be overwritten by the images you send in.

Click the PDF button in the preview of the expense report you want to attach images to. When you select COVER PAGE, the page will open in a new window so that you can print it or save it.

Send the stacked cover page and receipt(s) to Chrome River by fax or by scanning and emailing them. The fax number and email address are both found on the cover page.

You will receive an email confirmation message if the submission is successful or a detailed error message if it fails.

Delete Receipts

To delete a receipt image from an expense line item, select the line item, scroll to the Attachments section, and select the desired image.

AI - Select to Delete.png

When the Image Viewer opens, click the paperclip icon in the upper left corner.

AI - Delete.png

Deleted images are handled differently, depending on how they were first uploaded. See Delete and Restore Items in the Recycle Bin for complete details on what happens to a receipt image after it is deleted.

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