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Delete and Restore Items in the Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin contains expense items that have been deleted from expense reports and your eWallet. It does not contain images that were uploaded directly to an expense report that has been deleted—to preserve these, you must detach them from the expense report via the paperclip button in the upper left corner of the Image Viewer before you delete it. They will be sent to the Receipt Gallery.

The Recycle Bin also does not contain images that were uploaded directly to the Receipt Gallery first and then detached from or deleted along with an expense report—those return to the Receipt Gallery.

However, the Recycle Bin may contain Receipt Gallery images that were processed by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and turned into Offline items, added to a report, deleted from that report, and then returned to the Offline folder before being deleted. From the Recycle Bin you may either delete items permanently or restore them to the E-Wallet.

You may sort the items in the Recycle Bin by clicking SORT in the upper left-hand corner of the list and selecting a sort criterion from the drop-down list. Choices include sorting by date, amount spent, expense type, transaction source and merchant.

Click the check box in the upper right corner of an item to select it. Then click the RESTORE arrow button to send it back to your E-Wallet.

Clicking the EMPTY trashcan button—regardless of whether any items have been selected via check box—will permanently delete all items in the Recycle Bin.

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