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Attach eWallet Transactions to a Report

The eWallet is where you will find all of your transactions, including Trips; Credit Card items; Personal Account items; Offline items submitted via the Emburse Chrome River mobile app, Snap & Send, or Chrome River SNAP; Travel Agency items; Travel Data items; and Authorizations. You may see more or fewer types of transactions, depending on your organization’s configuration.

The eWallet also gives you access to the Receipt Gallery, which stores images you have uploaded directly through the app.

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If you have unused items in your eWallet and your organization has configured this feature, counts of unused items by type will display in a banner on the home page when you log into Chrome River. Click a count to open the eWallet on the tab for that type of transaction, or click the VIEW ALL link to be taken to the All tab in the eWallet.

Attach eWallet Items to an Expense Report

From inside the expense report, click the + button to access the Add Expenses screen.

  • Click on an eWallet category to see only that type of transaction, or click ALL to see every transaction.

  • Click SORT to sort the list by numerous criteria.

  • In All view, you may also use the drop-down to group items by Trips or Statements, if your organization takes advantage of these features.

  • Use All view's toggle to display only merged transactions, if desired.

To create a line item from an eWallet item,select its check box and then click the + button in the upper right corner. You may select and add multiple transactions simultaneously.

On wide-screen devices, you may also drag a transaction from the eWallet to the name of the report to attach it and create a line item. As you drag, the report header will be overlaid with a "Create New Line Item" target area.

Next, the Expense Entry screen will open for each item added to allow you to edit it or add more details. When you are done, click SAVE.

Merge eWallet Transactions with Existing Line Items

Desktop and wide-screen mobile device users may drag and drop eWallet transactions (e.g., credit cards, travel data) onto existing line items in order to merge them.

  • If the dragged-and-dropped item is the primary transaction, the line-item editing form will open with the primary transaction data pre-populated. For credit card transactions only, certain fields like date and amount will be disabled to prevent alteration of the imported credit card data.
  • If the item is not the primary transaction, it will simply be merged with the line item.

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