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Allocate Line Items on an Expense Report

Chrome River EXPENSE provides the ability to easily search for allocations (which your organization may refer to as matters, cost codes or some other term) when allocating line items on an expense report.

Choosing an Allocation

After you select an expense type from the Add Expenses Screen, the Expense Entry screen opens to allow you to enter details about the expense, including the allocation number.

Click the Search for Allocation field opens a drop-down list. Recently selected allocations will be listed at the top and indicated by a clock icon. Click the desired allocation to select it.

As you begin to enter a name or number into the search bar, the list will automatically scroll to allocations containing that text.

Split Allocation

Chrome River gives users the ability to split one expense among multiple allocations. Click + ADD ALLOCATION.

Two allocation fields will appear, with the first allocation populated at 100%.

Click Search for Allocation to open the same drop-down list, and scroll or begin typing to find the desired allocation.

By default, the expense will be split evenly among them. You may manually change the allocation amounts by changing the percentage or amount next to each allocation. The total percentage will be shown in gray at the bottom so you can be sure the adjusted amounts add up to 100%.

It is best to do this after all allocations have been added, since the amounts will redistribute equally as each new allocation is added.

  • Click ADD ALLOCATION to include more allocations for the split.
  • Click SPLIT EQUALLY to distribute the expense equally among all allocations.
  • Click CLEAR SPLITS to zero out all but the first allocation, which will be allotted 100% of the expense.
  • Click the X on the left to remove an allocation.

Allocation Grouping

If your organization has activated this feature and you frequently use multiple allocations on a single expense, you may create preset allocation groupings for future use.

1. Once you have added all the desired allocations to a report, simply click CREATE PRESET to save that group with a unique name.

2. When you have entered a name, click CREATE.

3. The next time you need that group of allocations for a report, just click the PRESETS button in the Allocation section of the Expense Entry screen.

4. Find the desired group in the list and click to add it to the report.

5. You will be asked to confirm that you wish to replace any existing allocations. Click REPLACE.

6. The group of allocations you selected will now appear on your report.

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