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Create Multi-Day Line-Item Expenses

If your organization has activated Multi-Day Line-Item Entry on the Expense Entry screen, you may use it to enter information for a single line item and apply it across multiple days in order to create multiple lines.

  • For example, frequent and long-term travelers who receive a fixed stipend for such expenses as taxis, meals, and parking may quickly create up to a whole month of expenses at once.
  • Note that this feature differs from the Recurring Hotel Expense Itemization wizard, which is only for itemized line items.
  • At this time, Multi-Day Line-Item Entry is not available when there is a transaction or a receipt on the line item or when there is Additional Information, like Location-On-Select user-defined data. Multi-Day Line-Item Entry is also not available for itemizations like Hotel expenses or with per diem.
  • Create Multi-Day Expense

    1. On the Expense Entry screen, above the Date Selector, click MULTI-DAY.

    2. Click the calendar to select the days for which you want to create the expense.

    • Click CLEAR SELECTION if you make a mistake and need to start over.

    3. Continue filling out the rest of the fields on the Expense Entry screen. When you are done, click SAVE.

    4. Line items will be added to your report for each of the days you selected.

    Edit Multi-Day Expense

    If necessary, you may edit individual multi-day expenses as you would any other line item.

    • Note that the changes will only be saved on the specific line-item you have edited, not on all the items created using the Multi-Day feature.

    1. Select the desired line-item and click EDIT.

    2. Make the desired change and click SAVE.

    3. You will see the change reflected in the line-item list.

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