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Add Hotel Expenses to a Report

In addition to room charges, hotel bills usually include charges for meals and other expenses related to your stay. To make the process of recording these charges quick and simple, the Hotel expense-entry screen allows you to itemize them.

If your organization takes advantage of Chrome River's FOLIO feature, Hotel expenses are automatically itemized for you. See Create FOLIO Expenses Automatically for more details.

If you are not ready to itemize, you may fill out the header info and save the line item to itemize later.

You may see a violation message in the line-item preview screen if you don't allocate the expense, but this does give you the flexibility to add those later rather than forcing you to enter them in order to create the line-item.

Itemize Expenses

When you are ready to itemize the expense on the bill, click EDIT.

Enter the total amount of the hotel bill and click ITEMIZE.

The number and variety of hotel expense types on the Add Itemization screen will depend on your organization's policies. The total amount of the bill appears in black in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. The amount remaining to be itemized appears in red.

Click the desired tile to add an expense. To add the cost of the hotel room, click LODGING .

The Expense Entry screen for hotel items is similar to that of other expense types, except that it displays a running total of hotel expense allocation at the top.

Personal Expenses

The Personal Expense tile is used for non-reimbursable amounts. Simply add a personal expense to your hotel line-item just like you would any other hotel expense.

As you save hotel expenses, the red Remaining total will update to reflect how much of the bill remains to be allocated. When the expense has been fully allocated, the Remaining total will turn gray.

You may delete any individual, itemized hotel expense, including lodging, without removing the "parent" hotel expense from the report. To delete all the hotel expenses, select the parent hotel expense from the grid, click the three-dots menu, and then click DELETE.

Recurring Hotel Expense Itemization

Click the RECURRING tile on the Add Itemization screen if your hotel bill is itemized by daily cost rather than totals for each category.

This will allow you to easily enter recurring costs like parking and lodging once, then select the total number of nights to have the charges automatically totaled. Your organization will determine which common expense types appear on this screen.

When all the hotel expenses have been entered, click DONE.

Returned Hotel Expense Feature

This feature allows users to itemize hotel expenses that have been returned by an approver.

1. When the approver returns the original hotel expense, it will appear in Returned Expense Reports.

2. Click OPEN to re-itemize the hotel expenses or add more expenses.

Only the hotel line-item expenses may be adjusted upon return. The hotel expense header may not be edited.

3. The returned expense line item(s) will be highlighted in yellow. Select the desired line item and click EDIT.

4. When you are done editing the line item, click SAVE.

5. If the total amount of your itemizations no longer equals the Total Amount of the Hotel expense, click ITEMIZE to add new line-items or reallocate existing line-item amounts in order to reach the correct Total Amount.

6. When the Hotel expense is fully itemized, click SUBMIT.

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