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Create Mileage Expenses via TripLog

Emburse has partnered with TripLog to provide software or optional hardware that allows travelers to use GPS to automatically track their mileage while driving. TripLog works through a mobile phone app to capture the data, which synchronizes to the user’s expense solution with the click of a button.

For users who prefer not to use a mobile app in order to mitigate cellular data usage, TripLog offers in-car hardware to track mileage at an additional cost per device.

TripLog Dashboard

TripLog Mobile App

Create a Trip

1. Open the TripLog app and tap the PLAY button.

2. Choose GPS Tracking, manual mileage entry, or importing trip data from your calendar.

3. If you choose GPS, the trip starts. The app will give you progress indicators as you drive.

4. Once the trip is complete, tap the STOP button.

5. On the confirmation screen, make final edits and tap the blue SAVE button.

6. The saved trip will appear on your TripLog home screen.

7. To send the mileage data to your expense solution, open the menu and tap SEND TO.

8. The summary page will open. It displays past trips and mileage totals.

Please Note: The app will keep a running tally of all monthly trips, but only new trips will be sent to your expense solution.


9. You will see a success message when the synchronization is complete.

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