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Add Mileage Expenses to a Report

Users who need to be reimbursed for mileage can take advantage of Chrome River's built-in Google Maps functionality for easy calculation of distances.

Add a Mileage Expense

Click the GROUND tile in the Mosaic to access its drawer, then click MILEAGE.

In the Mileage entry screen, enter the basic information required by your organization. 

    • If your organization has implemented the multiday line-item creator, you will have the choice between selecting a single day or multiple days.

You will see that the Amount and Rate fields cannot be edited. This is because the reimbursement amount depends on the number of miles you traveled and the rate is set by your organization.

    • Enter the number of miles you traveled, or click the CALCULATE MILEAGE button to access the integrated Google Maps functionality.

    • Clicking in the address fields will bring up a list of recently used addresses, if you have any.

    • Alternatively, you may begin entering a location name or a specific address and Google will bring up similar matches.

    • The distance and map will refresh to reflect your route. It includes similar navigation features to those found in Google Maps online, including zoom controls. To change the route, hover over the blue route line until a white circle appears. Then grab the circle and drag it to your new route.

    • Click the arrows icon to reverse the order of your travel destinations.

    • Click ADD DESTINATION to add another stop on your trip.

    • Use the gray lines icon to grab a location and move it to a different spot in the order of destinations. Use the red circle icon to delete a destination.

    • Clicking RETURN TO START LOCATION will add the first location as a new destination at the bottom of the list.

    • Click SAVE TRIP to return to the Mileage entry screen. You will see that the Spent amount has automatically calculated, the Description includes destination addresses, and the Rate is populated.

Personal Commute Deduction

If your organization has enabled this feature, you can easily deduct personal mileage for a portion of your total trip distance or the amount for your standard commute, depending on your company's policy. Simply enter the number of miles or the amount in the DEDUCTION box.

Click the blue SAVE button to save the mileage expense to your report.

Car Plan

If your organization has configured this feature for mileage expenses, see Add Car Plan Expenses to a Report for complete details.

Multi-Day Mileage Line Items

If your organization has activated Multi-Day Line-Item Entry, you may use it to enter information for a single mileage line item and apply it across multiple days in order to create multiple lines.

1. Click MULTI-DAY to bring up a date selector and select the desired dates.

2. Now enter the rest of the expense details and click SAVE.

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