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Create FOLIO Expenses Automatically

Chrome River customers have the option to add FOLIO, a service that automatically creates line-item expenses for all hotel and car folio items without the need for a special data feed or a corporate credit card.

Users simply forward the text-based PDF or HTML receipt emailed to them by the merchant or upload it via the Receipt Gallery, and FOLIO automatically creates a hotel expense in Chrome River—complete with such itemized expenses as room charges, parking, and Internet fees—saving time and eliminating the potential for data-entry errors. FOLIO works for any hotel or car rental merchant that generates a text-based receipt, in all global currencies and multiple languages.

Forward FOLIO Receipt

When you receive a text-based PDF or HTML receipt from a hotel after your stay, simply forward it to the email address assigned to your organization. (For more details, see How to Find the Email Address in the Create Expense Items Via Email article.)

  • PDFs must be text-based; image-based PDFs are not accepted.
  • Putting the amount and currency code in the subject line will make it easier to track the receipt.
  • If the folio is a PDF, remove any forwarded text from the body of the email.
  • If you have a signature block, delete it from the body of the email.

Upload FOLIO Receipt

You may also upload a hotel or car rental merchant's text-based PDF receipt to Chrome River via the Receipt Gallery for automatic itemization. See Create Expenses via the Receipt Gallery for details.

View FOLIO Receipt in Chrome River

Once the receipt has been uploaded, you will find it in the Offline section of the E-Wallet, labeled "Folio Receipt."

  • Note that it may take 1–24 hours for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to process the receipt. You will see an "Itemizing" indicator until it is complete.

  • You may still use the folio receipt immediately—even if it remains in the processing state—to enter itemizations manually. However, the itemizations will be created for you automatically if you wait until the folio is done processing.

  • Click the arrow next to the stacked-squares icon to see the captured folio itemizations.

  • While the header information processes very quickly, there may be a delay before the itemizations appear in Chrome River. If you only see the triangle and not the stacked-squares icon, the itemizations are still being processed.

Add FOLIO Transaction to an Expense

1. Create a new expense report and click the + button to add line items.

2. Find the desired Hotel Folio Receipt in the E-Wallet, check its box, and click ADD.

3. Fill in the necessary expense details and click ITEMIZE.

4. On the itemization pane, simply click DONE.

5. All of the itemizations from the hotel folio you forwarded have automatically been added to the report.

Consolidate FOLIO Expenses By Expense Type

If your organization has activated consolidation, transactions of certain expense types will be combined in order to reduce the number of line itemizations that appear.

For example, a typical hotel bill for a three-day stay might list three room charges, three room tax charges and three lunches.

With consolidation active, you will only see one combined room charge, one combined room tax charge and one combined lunch charge instead of nine itemizations.

Your organization may also opt to leave specific expense types unconsolidated.

Note that payment, deposit, credit and cash advance itemizations will not be consolidated but will not prevent qualifying itemizations on the same receipt from being consolidated. However, receipts containing VAT charges will be completely excluded from consolidation even if there are other qualifying itemizations on the receipt.

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