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Customer Addresses Admin Screen

The Customer Addresses admin screen allows you to enter your organization's "Ship To," "Bill To" and other addresses that may appear on invoices and purchase orders. These are selectable via address drop-down lists that can be configured for your organization's Invoice Entry Screen and Purchase Order Entry Screen. You may add up to three address drop-downs per header or line item.


Create an Address

To create a new address, click the plus button.

Use the Address Type drop-down to select which type of address you are entering. When the corresponding address drop-down is configured for your organization's Invoice Entry Screen and/or Purchase Order Entry Screen, users will be able to select this address.

When you are finished entering the information, click SAVE.

Begin typing the name or address in the search bar to narrow the results. Select the desired address in the list and click EDIT.

Use the Status drop-down menu to set the address as active or inactive.

Edit the fields as necessary and click SAVE.

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