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Invoice Tax Codes Admin Screen

The Tax Locations screen allows administrators to create and manage tax codes for use in Chrome River INVOICE Value Added Tax (VAT) calculations.


Add a Tax Code

Click the plus button to create a new invoice tax code.

Fill in the appropriate fields and click SAVE.

  • Tax Code ID: Must correspond to the tax code required by your accounting system.
  • Tax Code Label: Description of the code.
  • Status: Determines whether the code is active or inactive. Click it to change the status.
  • Tax Recoverable: Check if this tax code is used to calculate recoverable tax amounts.
  • Parent ID: Select to make the current code a "child" (see below) of the "parent" code in the drop-down.
  • Is Tax on Tax: Check if this is a child tax code (see below) that is calculated on the base amount plus the parent tax amount.
  • 0% Tax Code: Specifies the 0%-rated tax code that will be defaulted into the invoice along with the default tax code tied to the vendor address.
  • Filter Text 1 and 2: Reserved for future use.
  • UDF 1–5: User-defined data fields.


Certain countries may have multiple rates on a single tax code. For example, in Canada, there may be one rate for Federal tax and one for Provincial tax. In this case, you can set up the Federal tax as the parent rate and the Provincial tax as the child rate, all on one code.

Once you have saved a new rate, you must set the dates in which it is active. See Effective Rates, below.

Effective Rates

Each tax code has an Effective Rates list that allows you to set rates based on date. This enables the system to automatically calculate the correct tax rate based on the date of the invoice.

Click ADD EFFECTIVE RATE to create a new tax rate.

Enter the Start Date and Tax Rate %, then click SAVE.

To edit an effective rate, click the pencil icon.

Edit a Tax Code

Select a tax code from the list and click EDIT in the preview.

To change the status of a tax code, click the ACTIVE or INACTIVE status button.

Make the desired changes and click SAVE.

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