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Notifications Admin Screen

The Notifications screen lists all Available Email Notifications and allows administrators to activate or deactivate email notifications company-wide. Users control their own subscriptions via the Notification Settings section of their Settings screen, but admins may use the Notifications screen to add or remove additional subscribers for each notification.


The Emails Assigned column lists the number of additional subscribers an admin has assigned to each notification.

Activate Notifications Admin Screen

Admins with appropriate permissions may activate the Notifications admin screen by navigating to ADMIN SETTINGS > SECURITY > ACCESS PERMISSIONS and editing the appropriate policy.

Activate or Deactivate Email Notifications

By default, all email notifications are active for the entire organization.

  • Deactivating a notification on the Notifications admin screen turns it off regardless of the choices users make on their user Notification Settings screen.
  • Activating a notification on the Notifications admin screen will result in all users receiving the notification unless they opt out on their user Notification Settings screen.

1. Click EDIT at the top of the notifications screen.

2. Check or uncheck the desired notifications to activate or deactivate them. Clicking NOTIFICATION TYPE under the category heading checks or unchecks all the notifications in that category.

3. When you are finished, click SAVE.

View and Edit Additional Subscribers

Hovering over a notification in the list will display a VIEW link. Click this to see the full list of additional subscribers.

To remove additional subscribers, click the X to the left of their email addresses.

To add a subscriber, enter the email address in the box and click ADD.

When you are finished, click CLOSE.

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