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Emburse Digital Archiving Service for Receipts

For customers who would like to go paperless in France, Japan, or Spain and comply with each country's regulations on digital receipts, we offer the ability to capture receipts in Chrome River that will be electronically sealed and archived. This eliminates the need to keep a hard copy of the receipt for tax or other purposes.

Our Emburse Digital Archiving Service (eIDAS) includes the ability to control which images users may upload based on the method of image capture. In these countries, digital images must be controlled by Chrome River from capture through archiving in order to be considered verified. If your organization has our recommended configuration, when digital archiving users attempt to upload an image not created by the camera inside Chrome River on a mobile browser, CR SNAP, the Emburse Chrome River app, or the Chrome River app, Chrome River will alert them that the upload is not allowed. Hotel folio PDFs and HTML receipts created digitally by the vendor are allowed, but no images created by or shared with the user are permissible under law due to the opportunity for modification by the user.

  • Note: In Japan, digital images must be captured with a minimum quality of 3.88 megapixels from a camera or 200 dpi from a scanner.

Administrators may specify which image sources will be allowed by Chrome River and whether they will be sent to our digital archiving service with an electronically sealed copy. They may also specify which users will be affected by the requirements based on their tax locations.

Images that are properly uploaded are then electronically sealed using methods approved by the following governing bodies:

  • France: eIDAS and ANSSI
  • Japan: JADAC
  • Spain: AEAT

The sealed versions of receipts may be retrieved through the Request Digital Receipts Admin Screen. Admins may request one or more reports’ worth of images to receive a ZIP file containing all the receipts via email. For Spain, we also capture and seal expense line-item data in XML format for each receipt, which is included in separate folders inside the ZIP file.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this feature, please contact your Chrome River Customer Success Manager or email

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