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Customer Terms & Conditions Admin Screen

The Customer Terms & Conditions admin screen allows you to enter standard "boilerplate" information you would like to have appear on your organization's purchase orders. You may configure the text to appear by default or to be manually added to each purchase order.


Edit Terms & Conditions

1. Select the desired set of Terms & Conditions and click EDIT.

2. You may edit the Code and the check boxes. The Term and Description are automatically populated based on what you enter in the English language Term and Description fields.

3. When you are finished editing, click SAVE.

Create New Terms & Conditions

1. Click the blue PLUS button.

2. In the Code field, enter a name for the set of Terms & Conditions you are creating.

  • The Term and Description fields will be populated automatically, depending on what you enter in the English Term and Description fields in the Languages section.


3. Use the check boxes to select whether you want to have the Terms & Conditions appear by default in the header section of the purchase order and/or the line items. If you check neither box, the Terms & Conditions will need to be added to each purchase order manually.

4. You will be able to enter term and the description for this set of Terms & Conditions in each language that your organization offers.

  • Term: Fill in the name of the term.
  • Description: Enter the Terms & Conditions text as you would like it to appear on your purchase orders.

5. Click SAVE.

6. For complete details on applying Terms & Conditions to a purchase order, see "Terms and Conditions" in Create a Purchase Order.

Delete Terms & Conditions

1. Select the desired set of Terms & Conditions and click DELETE.

2. In the pop-up box, select DELETE.

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