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Roles Admin Screen

The Roles Admin Screen allows you to add new roles for use in your company's rules, to be assigned to users through the People Admin Screen or the Person feed. The only actions available through this screen are the creation of new roles and the editing of existing roles that have no assigned users.

To delete a role, contact us through the Chrome River Help Desk.


You will see a list of Roles sorted alphabetically, including the number of users to whom each role is assigned. Click on a role to see its complete details.

Create a New Role

To create a new role, click the plus button, enter the Name and Description, then click SAVE.

Edit a Role

Only roles with zero assigned users may be edited. If the role you wish to edit has users assigned, you must edit each user's Person record to remove that role before the EDIT button on the Roles Admin screen becomes active.

Once you have completed your changes to the Role, you may re-add it to those users' Person records.

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