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Data Feed Specifications & FAQ

Click the link below for the most current Data Feed Specifications in Excel format.

Chrome River Data Feeds Specs.xls

For FAQs based on your role, see Quick-Start Guide to Data Feeds.

What is the address/hostname for the file server?

Because Chrome River has multiple FTP addresses, your Chrome River CSM will provide you with the FTP addresses assigned to your organization for Production and, if applicable, QA/UAT.

Alternatively, using the tables below, you may look up the FTP address based on the URL in your browser's address bar when you are inside the Chrome River app.

Production FTP Addresses

If your URL is.... Your FTP address is...

QA/UAT FTP Addresses

If your URL is.... Your FTP address is...

Where can I find Feed Issues files?

The issues file will be attached to the Feed confirmation email.

Some issues files are available on the FTP site in the /files/FeedIssues directory.

I changed the case of a word in a data field and re-ran the data feed. Why isn't it appearing correctly now?

Unlike changing the length or value of data, simply changing a letter from uppercase to lowercase (or vice versa) will not trigger an update in the database when the feed runs again. To trigger the change, you must also change data length or data value in one of the fields, run the feed, undo the length/value change (but keep the case change) and then run the feed again.

For example, if you wanted to capitalize the surname "Smith" in the Person Data feed, you could:

1. Change "smith" to "Smithe."

2. Run the Person data feed.

3. Change "Smithe" to "Smith."

4. Re-run the Person data feed.

Why isn't the Person record being updated by the Person feed?

Be sure that person record isn't in an issues file.

Be sure the person record is not locked. If the People Admin Screen has the 'Locked (no feed updates)' checkbox checked, you will need to uncheck it.

You cannot change a user's Unique ID by updating it in the Person data feed file—it must be updated via the People Admin Screen. If the Unique ID is changed only via the Person data feed, the system will attempt to create a new person record and it will fail. You will see this in the issues file.

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