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Receipt Check-In Admin Screen

The Receipt Check-In screen allows organizations who require hard-copy receipts be submitted together with the expense report to reconcile which reports have completed this step. Administrators may use a scanning tool to scan the QR code on each receipt pack cover page, or they may enter in the Report ID manually to complete the check-in. Additionally, administrators may view a list of all successful check-ins for the current day, in chronological order.

Access Receipt Check-In Screen

1. Select the ADMIN SETTINGS option at the bottom of the left navigation menu.

Access Admin Settings NEWEST.png


3. You will see a list of all successful check-ins for the current day. The list displays the check-in time and the report data. Each report’s details are shown on the right-hand side of the screen.

Check-in a New Receipt Pack

To check in a new receipt pack, scan the QR code on the receipt pack cover page or manually enter the 12-digit Report ID and click RETURN/ENTER to complete the check-in process.

You will be alerted if the report has already been checked in or if the Report ID is not found.

Click UNDO to remove a check-in if the number of physical receipts is found to be higher than the number of scanned receipts.

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