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API Monitor Admin Screen

API Monitor gives Chrome River customers who use our connectors or Export API visibility into the status of Expense and Invoice exports. Administrators may search by date or status to view the Process Date, Unique ID, Report ID and Expense Owner name for each export. If such optional data as Code, Message or Description was passed via the API, it will also be visible. Admins may also recall failed expense exports, if this functionality has been activated for your organization.

1. Select the ADMIN SETTINGS option at the bottom of the left navigation menu.

Access Admin Settings NEWEST.png


3. Choose the desired API:

  • Export Status – Expense

  • Export Status – Invoice

4. Set the date range and, if desired, select a status to filter on. Click SEARCH.

Recall Failed Expense Exports

Admins with appropriate permissions may activate the ability to recall expense reports with a status of “Error.” This allows admins to recall failed reports, make the necessary updates, and, if configured, reapply VAT rules to the updated report. The report will be sent to the dashboard of the user who recalled it. Your organization may choose to configure routing rules to also send the report to additional approvers, including the VAT Aubtobot.

  • Note that this feature is not available for customers who use SAP Delta posting or DIRECT PAY.

To activate this feature, an admin may navigate to SECURITY > ACCESS PERMISSIONS > API MONITOR and click EDIT. Check the box next to “Recall exported expense reports” and click SAVE.

Once this feature has been activated, select the desired expense report and click RECALL.

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