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Import Pre-Approvals Admin Screen

The Import Pre-Approvals screen allows administrators to create fully approved pre-approvals by uploading them as text files.

Create the Pre-Approval Text File

Pre-approvals must be created via pipe-delimited plain-text files following a specific format. To be sure your file is formatted correctly, you may download sample files on which to base it.


2. On the Upload Guide instructions screen, click DOWNLOAD A FILE SAMPLE.

3. Inside the "Samples" zip file you will find a sample Pre-Approval text file called "sample.txt."

Upload, Validate and Import theText File

To upload your pre-approval text file, click UPLOAD in the upper right corner of the Import Pre-Approvals admin screen.

Alternatively, you may click UPLOAD directly from the Upload Guide instructions screen.

When the file has been uploaded, the Import Pre-Approvals admin screen will show the total number of pre-approvals and the number that are valid.

  • Valid pre-approvals appear in the list in black.

  • Invalid pre-approvals appear in gray.

Make any necessary corrections to your text file and reupload it. Once all the pre-approvals are valid, click IMPORT to create them within Chrome River as fully approved.

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