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Release Notes: May 15, 2024

Note: We may roll out certain changes iteratively through our customer base. As a result, you may experience a few days’ delay (no more than one week) before you see new functionality in your Production environment. 

Upcoming Changes


PO Boxes No Longer Allowed for Corpay/Global Exchange DIRECT PAY Payments

For customers using Corpay/Global Exchange DIRECT PAY payments, compliance requirements will prohibit the use of PO boxes on bank accounts within Chrome River after May 15. Any US or Canadian employee within your organization who currently has a PO box assigned as the address on the Bank Account screen will need to update it to a physical address. Payments will be rejected until the account address is updated.

Please reach out to your employees to ask them to review and update their addresses if needed. Complete details on adding and editing personal banking information can be found in Manage Your Expense-Reimbursement Bank Account in the Chrome River Help Center.


Emburse Connect for Analytics Snowflake Client Driver Deprecation

For Chrome River customers who extract data directly out of the Emburse Data Warehouse into their own reporting environments, please be advised that our data warehouse vendor, Snowflake, will be deprecating older clients for connecting to the warehouse in August 2024.

Based on the Snowflake Support policy, any client driver version lower than those listed below will no longer be supported beginning August 1, 2024.

  • Snowflake SnowSQL 1.2.23
  • Snowflake Python Connector 2.7.11
  • Snowflake JDBC Driver 3.13.21
  • Snowflake ODBC Driver 2.25.3
  • Snowflake Node.JS Driver 1.6.12
  • Snowflake Go Driver 1.6.12
  • Snowflake .NET Driver 2.0.15
  • Snowflake SQLAlchemy Driver 1.4.0
  • Snowflake PHP PDO 1.2.3
  • Snowflake Kafka 1.8.0
  • Snowflake Spark 2.10.0

We recommend all customers upgrade to the latest version of the relevant Snowflake driver. Further details can be found on the Snowflake Client Version & Support Policy page.



Enhanced Receipt Descriptions in Wallet

US-based Emburse Chrome River mobile app users will see an improved description for receipts in the Wallet that do not include notes, allowing them to more easily differentiate their receipts. If no note is added to a receipt, the Wallet will display either the Vendor Name, if it was extracted by OCR, or the source of the receipt. The possible receipt sources are:

  • Snapped Upload: Receipts snapped and uploaded from the app
  • Gallery Upload: Receipts uploaded via the app from the device’s photo gallery
  • Web Upload: All other sources of uploads, like email or direct upload in the Chrome River web interface

Improved OCR Processing Times

For US-based customers, we have reduced the OCR processing time for receipts uploaded via the Emburse Chrome River mobile app.

Wallet Notification for Users with No Receipts

US-based Emburse Chrome River mobile app users who have no receipts in their Wallet will now see a message in the empty area of the Wallet that they have no saved receipts, along with instructions for adding receipts by taking a photo or submitting them via email—including the correct email address for their instance of Chrome River.

Wallet Notification for Users with No Receipts.jpg


Search Invoice Management Screen By Export Date

Users with access to the Invoice Management screen may now use the Advanced Search function to search for invoices by Export Date. This allows users to get the real-time data formerly provided by the Export Listing and Export Totals standard reports in Chrome River’s Legacy ANALYTICS product.

Search Invoice Management Screen By Export Date.png

Special Handling Columns Added to Invoice Management Excel Output

We have added a number of new header attributes to the Excel output available via the Download button on the Invoice Management screen, including Invoice ID, Requester, Export Date, and other Special Handling attributes. This will allow users to get the real-time data formerly provided by the Special Handling standard report in Chrome River’s Legacy ANALYTICS product.

Special Handling Columns Added to Invoice Management Excel Output.png


New Fields Added to Chrome River Reporting Models

We have added a number of new fields to Chrome River models in Emburse Analytics to enable more flexible and complete reporting on expenses, invoices, and purchase orders.

  • Expense Models: We have added delegate fields, which will be especially useful to those who want to create burst reports that email delegates instead of expense owners. We have also added Cash Advance Amount/Currency at the Allocation level to report on when a cash advance is applied to expenses.
  • Invoice Models: We have added Responder fields to show who responded to compliance and submit compliance warnings.

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