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Release Notes: May 1, 2024

Note: We may roll out certain changes iteratively through our customer base. As a result, you may experience a few days’ delay (no more than one week) before you see new functionality in your Production environment. 

Upcoming Change


PO Boxes No Longer Allowed for Corpay/Global Exchange DIRECT PAY Payments

For customers using Corpay/Global Exchange DIRECT PAY payments, compliance requirements will prohibit the use of PO boxes on bank accounts within Chrome River after May 15. Any US or Canadian employee within your organization who currently has a PO box assigned as the address on the Bank Account screen will need to update it to a physical address. Payments will be rejected until the account address is updated.

Please reach out to your employees to ask them to review and update their addresses if needed. Complete details on adding and editing personal banking information can be found in Manage Your Expense-Reimbursement Bank Account in the Chrome River Help Center.



Introducing Bursted Reports for Creators

Emburse Analytics Pro users with Creator permissions may now generate bursted reports. This allows your organization to create a single schedule with a dynamic distribution list, based on the data, where each recipient only sees data relevant to them. For example, you could choose to notify company credit cardholders of unused transactions over 60 days old. The distribution list will be dynamic because the users who fit these criteria may change every time the report is run. Choosing Burst Schedule when you create a schedule for this report ensures that the report is sent only to users who meet those criteria at the scheduled send time.

Introducing Bursted Reports for Creators.png

Additionally, we have introduced a new Burst Schedules admin screen to allow users to review all of your organization’s bursted schedules and their configuration.

Burt Schedules admin.png

For more information, see Schedule Bursted Reports in the Emburse Analytics Help Center.

Introducing Reusable Distribution Lists for Schedules

Emburse Analytics Pro customers may now create reusable distribution lists. This will enable your organization to create a single list of recipients that may be used for multiple scheduled reports or dashboards that have the same recipients, including bursted reports. Additionally, users will be able to easily add and remove recipients from the reusable distribution list.

New Fields Added to Reporting Models

We have added a number of new fields to Chrome River models in Emburse Analytics to enable more flexible and complete reporting on expenses, invoices, and purchase orders.

  • Invoice Models: We have added the following invoice fields: Canceled By, Deleted By, Deleted Date, Exported By, Allocation Closed Date, and Line Item ID.
  • PreApproval Models: We have added Expense Line Allocation fields to improve granularity of tracking expenses applied to pre-approvals.
  • Reference Person Model: We have added fields related to Direct Pay account details.
  • Expense Models: We have added Guest Company (External Guests) and Customer Unique ID (internal guests) fields.


New Expense Receipt API Integration for SAP Connector

Emburse Chrome River SAP Connector Customers may now take advantage of our new REST Receipt API when they upgrade to the latest release version. Although SOAP will continue to be supported during the transition, eventually Chrome River’s existing SOAP API integration for expense images will be phased out. If your organization uses receipt integration, you are encouraged to upgrade your release to the REST Receipt API now.

Detailed instructions on enabling the new REST API and making the necessary modifications to the API connection may be found under “Enable REST API for SAP Connector” in the Chrome River Help Center article Image Integration API for Expense.

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