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Automatically Create Expense Reports

If your organization has activated Automated Expense Creation, expense reports with line items will be created for you automatically and placed in your Drafts dashboard for review before you submit them. Reports will be created based on the receipts you upload and, if applicable, the corporate credit card transactions you incur. Administrators may learn more about Automated Expense Creation here.

Any time you upload a receipt to Chrome River—whether via the Emburse Chrome River mobile app, email, or integrations like Uber and Lyft—it will be automatically added to a new expense report created by the system. You will only need to review the expense report in your Drafts dashboard, add any missing details, and submit it.

Create Expenses Automatically

1. After you upload a receipt to Chrome River, navigate to your Drafts Dashboard to view the automatically created expense report.

  • The report will include "My Automated Expenses" in the title. If the report was created from a pre-approval, the pre-approval's name will be appended after "My Automated Expenses," e.g., "My Automated Expenses – Trip to New York."
  • Note that reports for corporate credit card expenses will only be auto-created after the transaction has appeared in Chrome River, which may take 24 hours or longer.

2. Review the report to add further details or identify missing line-item data.

3. If Business Purpose, Allocation, or Matter-On-Select data is missing on multiple line items, you will only have to enter it once to have it updated on any line item where it appears.

  • Data entered this way will only populate empty fields; it will not overwrite any data already present in those fields.

  • Personal allocations cannot be updated this way.

In the Complete Missing Fields pop-up, review the fields that will be updated on other line items and click APPLY CHANGES.

4. Click SUBMIT.

Dashboard Notification of New Items

A ribbon at the top of the Chrome River Dashboard displays the number of items that have recently been added to automated expense reports and the date of the most recent item. This eliminates confusion over expense items that appear to be missing from the eWallet because they have been added to a report automatically.

  • Click VIEW in the notification to see the expense report to which items were added. If you have multiple automatically created reports, the VIEW link will take you to your Drafts list instead. 

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