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Manage Automated Expense Creation

Automated Expense Creation allows users with appropriate permissions to have expense reports created for them automatically, based on either the receipts they upload or the corporate credit card transactions they incur. Administrators may activate Automated Expense Creation for all or selected users and choose which type of transactions trigger it via the steps listed below.

Header Data Requirements

Automated expenses can be created whenever one of the following conditions is met:

  • There is a pre-approval with the same header fields and a date range that includes the transaction's date.

  • Expense header data is defaulted via user-interface rules.

If the expense header contains any required fields users must populate (i.e., UDAs) that have not been defaulted via business rules, Automated Expense Creation will not occur and the receipt will simply appear in the eWallet for users to add to a report created manually.

Line-Item Data Requirements

Line items will be added to an automated expense whenever data is available via a pre-approval, a credit card transaction, OCR, or user-interface rules.

If the line item has required fields for which no data can be found, a violation will alert users to enter the missing data before the expense report can be submitted.

If Business Purpose, Allocation, or Matter-On-Select data is missing on multiple line items, the system will ask users if they want to apply the data they entered to all the other line items on the report. Data will only be applied where it is missing; it will not overwrite any data already present in those fields.

  • For this feature to work, users must have the "Copy Expense Attributes" permission enabled in their Person record. You may view and update individual records via the People Admin Screen or bulk update this permission via the Person data feed.

  • Personal allocations are excluded from this feature.

Activate Automated Expense Creation

1. Navigate to SECURITY > ACCESS PERMISSIONS, select the appropriate policy, and click EDIT.

2. In the Expense section, under Automated Expense Creation, check only ONE of the following, based on your organization's configuration:

  • Create automated reports and expenses using Credit Card transactions: Select this if your organization has a Credit Card Data Feed and receipts are associated with imported credit card charges.

  • Create automated reports and expenses using Receipt transactions: Select this if your organization does not use corporate credit cards.

3. Click SAVE.


How do merged transactions work with Automated Expense Creation?

Uploaded receipts are automatically merged with corporate credit card transactions once those post in Chrome River. The automated expense will be created after the merge.

What's the difference between Automated Expense Creation and Memorized Expenses?

Chrome River's Memorized Expenses feature acts like template for expenses users incur on a regular basis, e.g., mobile phone charges. It allows users to easily add pre-created line items to manually created expense reports.

Automated Expense Creation works for all expense types and eliminates the need to manually create a report at all. Users skip straight to the review and submission steps of expense creation.

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