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API Key Management Admin Screen

The API Key Management admin screen allows administrators with appropriate permissions to view your organization’s API permissions and generate new API keys.

It is recommended not to generate a new API key unless absolutely necessary. If you have an existing API key and you regenerate your key, the previous API key will no longer work. Any integrations they have been using the old API key must be updated with the new API key.

The API key you generate will work only for the environment in which you generated the key. For example, if you were logged in to your organization's QA/ UAT environment when you generated the API key, it will only work for sending data to QA/UAT.

1. In the Admin Settings menu, select SECURITY > API KEY MANAGEMENT. Click GENERATE API KEY.

2. The generated API key will be copied to the clipboard automatically. Once you click COPIED, the window will close and the key will no longer be available.

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