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IP Blocking Admin Screen

The IP blocking tool limits the connection between the Chrome River application and certain IP addresses to prevent unauthorized connections (e.g., computers that are out of your company’s network) from accessing the application. You may need to contact your network administrator to assist you in identifying your company’s IP addresses.

The IP Blocking Admin screen allows you to turn on or off the IP blocking functionality and add, modify and delete IP addresses.

1. Click the MENU button in the upper left corner, then ADMIN SETTINGS.


Turn IP Blocking On/Off

Click the ACTIVATED/INACTIVATED toggle to switch IP Blocking off or on.

Create a New IP Block

Click ADD NEW, fill out the information for the IP address, and click SAVE.

  • Blocking Order: The order in which IP addresses appear on the IP Blocking screen is the order in which they are checked. You may use the same blocking order number for multiple IPs/Regexes to give them the same significance in the order. The lowest number available is 0.
  • For example, an IP address with a sort order of 10 will be checked before an IP address with a sort order of 100.
  • IP/Regex: Enter an IP address (e.g., or a regular expression (“Regex”) that matches a range of IP addresses (e.g., ^126.44.27.(5[8-9]|6[0-4])$).
  • Valid IP: Click YES if you want to allow the IP address/Regex or partial IP address/Regex in the IP/Regex box to have access to Chrome River. Click NO to block it.
  • Stop Processing: If you click YES, no other IP/Regex entries will be checked. If you click NO, the system will continue to check for the next numbers in the sequence and allow those that are valid.
  • This allows the system to block all the IPs that contain a certain value but still allow access to specific IP addresses that also contain that value.
  • Description: Description of the entry.

Edit or Delete an IP Block

To edit, click the pencil icon next to the desired IP block.


To delete, click the trash can icon.

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