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Card Programs Admin Screen

The Card Programs admin screen allows administrators with appropriate permissions to connect your organization's credit card accounts to Chrome River via the Emburse Cards Gateway. You may also view a list of your organization's connected card programs, see all the credit cards associated with each program, and manually assign and reassign Chrome River users to credit cards.


The screen lists all of your organization's connected card programs, their status, and the number of assigned and unassigned credit cards for each.

  • "Assigned" credit cards have each been matched to a Chrome River user based on an email address or first and last name.

To see all the cards associated with a program, click on its name or the number of assigned/unassigned cards.

The list displays all card users and the last four digits of their assigned cards, along with the card status. Cards may have one of the following statuses:

  • Active: A usable card.

  • Canceled: A card that can no longer be used.

  • Suspended: A card that cannot be used until outstanding issues have been resolved.

  • Unactivated: A new card that has not yet been activated by the cardholder.

Assign or Reassign a Card

The system attempts to match and assign a Chrome River user to each credit card based on information provided by Amex, but admins may use the Cards Program screen to manually assign or reassign cards to users.

1. Find the desired card in the list and click on the User or, if the card has not yet been assigned, UNASSIGNED.

2. Use the Assignee drop-down to choose the Chrome River user to whom you wish to assign the card.

Connect a Card Program

1. Click the blue ADD A CARD PROGRAM button in the upper right corner.

2. On the Connect a Card Program screen, select your financial institution.

3. On the Permissions screen, click CONTINUE to allow Chrome River to pull transactions from the selected financial institution.

4. Log in using the credentials provided to you by the financial institution.


6. Review the snapshot of credit card details for the account to verify it is the one you wish to connect, then click CONFIRM.

7. You will be returned to the Card Program admin screen in Chrome River.

Reauthorize a Card Program

In the event that a card program becomes disconnected, you will see a warning next to its status.

Click the More menu and select REAUTHORIZE to reconnect the card program via the same steps used in the Connect a Card Program section, above.

Remove a Card Program

Although it is possible to remove a card program via the option under the More menu, we strongly recommended that you discuss this step with a Chrome River Implementation Specialist or Support Analyst first.

Once a program is removed, your organization will no longer receive credit card transactions in Chrome River and, if applicable, will no longer be able to process card requests.

Card Program Disconnect Notification

Periodically an Emburse Card or Amex Small Business card program may become disconnected from Chrome River. When this happens, a Card Program Disconnect Notification will be emailed to the subscribed administrators. This notification will alert Administrators that the card program requires reauthorization to continue receiving transactions. You can reauthorize your card program via the steps described in "Connect a Card Program," above.

Card Program Disconnect Notification.png

Administrators may manage the notification status and who the email notification is sent to on the Notifications Admin Screen.

Card Program Disconnect Notification Settings.png

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